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When it comes to New Prog, nobody is doing it better these days than Lifesigns and third album is beyond expectations. 

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Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, UPP-tone

are not currently advertising concerts.

However, they are still negotiating for

shows later in the year and we will publish

them ASAP. Until then stay home, stay safe.



Petrucci, Portnoy, Levin and Rudess return with their best album to date and a sublime take on Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

Please note that the majority of concerts by international artists have been postponed due to the Covid 19.
We will publish any rescheduled dates ASAP.


Witherfall's third and best album to date has planted them firmly in the Premier League of Prog Metal. Top drawer.

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, please
refer to Billboard's website for 
their current schedule.


The Pretty Reckless have been quiet for too long but if that is what it takes to make an album of this quality, so be it.! 

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, please 

refer to Blue Note's website for 

their current schedule.


A selection of the finest songs from The White Stripes graces their first official compilation. 


The Erkonauts are a once heard, never forgotten band. You've never heard Punk, Prog and Metal blended like this! 

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Mendips is a Tokyo guest house designed for musicians. If you want the best place to chill during your Japanese tour, this is it. 

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