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The best of the archive releases so far shows how too many cooks can spoil a broth.  

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Dream Theater's front-man lays himself bare in this remarkable album that surprises and delights..

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Heavy Metal Afternoon DJ Event!

June 18th, Maharaja, Roppongi


1st, 2nd, 3rd Jun   Shakatak

8th - 10th June  Larry Carlton

7/8th, 10/11th Sep   Al McKay plays E,W&F

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Canada's finest take another step forward with their eighth triannual  album. 

Please refer to Blue Note's website for 

their current schedule.

Dave Bainbridge by Paul Johnson Hi Resc_


Iona's guitarist Dave Bainbridge talks about his new solo album and we put Darlington on the UK's music map. 

Please note that the majority of concerts by international artists have been postponed due to the Covid 19.
We will publish any rescheduled dates ASAP.

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Part 2 of Michael Romeo's War of the Worlds is a powerhouse of orchestral arrangements and virtuoso playing.

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Article 33 now up:

When is a band not a band?

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Murdoch doesn't shy away from topical questions. He has opinions and wants you to hear them. 

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Mendips is a Tokyo guest house designed for musicians. If you want the best place to chill during your Japanese tour, this is it. 

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Iron Maiden: The Rise Of Prowler
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Stories and Works of Don Airey
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