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Lene's Stiff catalogue has finally been given the treatment it deserves. She was one in a million, she's now one in a gazillion. 

Upcoming gigs...

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UPP-tone presents...


25th May- Daikanyama Unit

26th May- Daikanyama Unit

Two shows! Two different sets!

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Jim McCarty's new book is about his fascination with the unexplained. I have a chat with about some weird stuff that happened to us both.

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More from Joe Meek's Tea Chest tapes and this time, a wealth of takes, outtakes, alternate takes and curios from The Tornados. 

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Half Rock 'n Roll, half Glam, all class. Wizzard released a string of singles in the 70's that will have you bopping before you know it!

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Everything you could want from Brinsley Schawz including a load of unreleased tracks and live recordings. Mine's a pint. 

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Family's classic album gets an upgrade. Remastered with demos, BBC sessions and BBC sessions. Gerruz one m'duck.

23rd, 25th - 27th December - The Stylistics


7th/8th January, Club Rosso, Shibuya

The Greatest Rocks 2024~Just Like Power Trip~ Vol.1 and 2!

7th 15:00 Guns Love Roses, Usorpions, MOMOKNEE CRUE

8th 12:30 Love Leppard, Cabo Wabo (Hagar era Van Halen)

8th 18:00 JP/DC, The P.O.D. (Ozzy - Prince of Darkness)

A series of 48 articles about life behind the spotlight in the music business.

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Mendips is a guest house in Tokyo designed for musicians. The best place to chill during your Japanese tour.

Contributions to Shinko Music Mook books

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Iron Maiden: The Rise Of Prowler
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Stories and Works of Don Airey
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