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Having a chat with one of the Rock 'n' Roll greats. Mr. Peppermint Twist himself, the one and only, Joey Dee.

Upcoming gigs...

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, UPP-tone

are not currently advertising concerts.

However, they are still negotiating for

shows later in the year and we will publish

them ASAP. Until then stay home, stay safe.

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How many bands can you name where their eighth studio album is their best?
I'll start: Volbeat. 

Please note that the majority of concerts by international artists have been postponed due to the Covid 19.
We will publish any rescheduled dates ASAP.



A new album from ABBA.
Enough said.

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, please
refer to Billboard's website for 
their current schedule.

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Prog Rockers Machines Dream have a present for you...their new EP free! Well don't just sit there, click and download!

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, please 

refer to Blue Note's website for 

their current schedule.

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The Manic Street Preachers return with their 14th  album filled with all things Manic Street Preachery. 

Check the website every month for my articles about life behind the spotlight in the music business.
Article 22 now up - 1981: Gigs, festivals and a change of life.

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We've waited a decade for a new Steve Vai studio album and along with it he seems to have developed his playing. Yes, really.

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Mendips is a Tokyo guest house designed for musicians. If you want the best place to chill during your Japanese tour, this is it. 

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Iron Maiden: The Rise Of Prowler
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Stories and Works of Don Airey
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Contributions to Shinko Music Mook books

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