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I appreciate that the term I am about  to use is an oxymoron but I can think of no better for now than 'Fresh retro' because that's exactly what Butterfly are. The twin brothers of Ollie and Eddie Taylor along with Aaron Burke and Jordan Dendy have come up with some marvelous music that throws you back to the late 60's and early 70's without feeling laboured or derivative. Yes you can spot the influences but this is new Pop/Rock at its finest.



Ranger 1

Ranger 1.jpg

Butterfly's debut release is a four track EP recorded at Laurel Studios in the UK and is a kaleidoscope of textures, colours, melodies and harmonies all put beautifully put together for your listening pleasure. The playing from all the members is masterful, the entire group contributing to what the song needs rather than what they would like to put on it and the arrangements are just quirky enough to make it more interesting without losing the essential parts of the music. 


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