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Sony Music International

It seems incredible in itself that it has been seventeen years for the Stereophonics frontman to release a second solo album. That it was at some point, inevitable, is a given but no one could have anticipated just how good it would be let alone the man himself who has stated that “I didn’t plan to write an album, it wrote me.”


Whilst Kelly has never been one to shy away from lyrics and music that dig deep into your emotions, on this album, he has excelled, pushing himself deeper and taking us with him on a journey through a set of songs and landscapes like no other before. The scope across the entire album is best described as cinematic but vivid and visual are also needed and the individual pieces are touching, piteous, poignant along with a dozen other adjectives to describe sentiment.


If the album feels isolated, that’s because it was completed largely out of his comfort zone. Firstly, his primary writing instrument this time was the piano. Then he took himself off to a remote recording studio on an island off the coast of Norway (Ocean Sound in Giske if you want to Google it) and recorded the piano and vocals live before adding an orchestra. Throw in a time limit of six days and you come up with the inevitable question of ‘Madman or Genius?’ Answer: The latter.


The disc comes with a 24-page colour booklet with the lyrics and images and quotes that obviously reflect where his mind was/is however, your guess is as good as mine as to exactly that status – and we’d both be wrong. The Japanese release includes a 12-page b/w booklet with the translated lyrics and liner notes.


Above all else, the music asks you to listen– and I mean really listen, not just throw it on your phone when you’re walking down the street to the shops - and when you do, you will go on a voyage not only into Kelly’s mind but also your own. You won’t get answers to questions but you will get questions you’ve never asked yourself before. Maybe that was one of Kelly’s intentions when he wrote and recorded it but there again, maybe not; who knows with Mr Jones? Either way, this album is beyond expectations. Quite frankly, he may well have just have painted his masterpiece.


Track List

Inevitable Incredible

Turn Bad Into Good

Time’s Running Away


Sometimes You Fly Like The Wind

Monsters In The House

May I Came Home From My War

The Beast Will Be What The Beast Will Be

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Cherry Red

The latest release from Joe’s Tea Chest Tapes is a compilation of female artists and hence the first of the releases that doesn’t concentrate on one specific band. It’s a remarkable collection that shows how adept he was at capturing a woman’s voice and giving her the right backing. It also shows how Joe’s sounds and atmospheres changed in those crucial British Pop years of 1960 – 1966.


Reading through the artists, you will be forgiven for not recognising the names of many of them and that’s because either they were one-off singles - as in the case of Jenny Moss - or artists that never even had their recording released at all such as The Halos, a group so obscure that not even Meek experts know who they were. Quite why some of the recordings were never released only Joe would know as there are certainly some great recordings here that if released, could well have been hits. Was it the at whim of the madman or that his genius was distracted elsewhere?


The musicianship is delightful to hear. The clarity of the recordings is quite stunning given their age and the circumstances that they were recorded under and whilst a few tracks seem to be closer to demos than finished product, even those showcase the talent that Joe had assembled for his backing bands - there’s more Ritchie Blackmore nuggets for his fans to admire and add to their collection. A lot of these recordings unknowingly define our aural image of the sixties in that whenever a film or TV show wants to evoke the sound of the sixties without having to pay a band for their music, they will recreate something very close to the Joe Meek sound so although you’ve never heard them before, they sound hauntingly familiar. It’s a trip down Memory Lane, it’s just that you can’t quite recall where it was on the map.


The three discs are housed in a clam-shell box along with a 20-page booklet which contains brief biographies of all the artists. It sits nicely, uniformly, with the other Tea Chest band collections but distinguishes itself by being a mustard colour rather the band favoured black box – Cherry Red have really thought this archive through in that it looks good on your shelf as well as sounds astonishing on your hi-fi. All in all then, a very worthwhile addition to your collection, especially if you are a fan of Girl Groups and Pop Chanteuses.

Disc 1
The Singles

1 Eve Boswell - Sur Le Pont D'Avignon
2 Yolanda - With This Kiss
3 Carol Jones - Boy With The Eyes Of Blue 
4 Pat Reader - Cha Cha On The Moon
5 Glenda Collins - I Lost My Heart At The Fairground
6 Jenny Moss - Hobbies
7 The Cameos - Powercut 
8 Pamela Blue - My Friend Bobby
9 Glenda Collins - If You’ve Got To Pick A Baby
10 Gunilla Thorn - Merry Go Round 
11 Jenny Moss - Please Let It Happen To Me 
12 The Sharades - Dumb Head
13 Kim Roberts - I'll Prove It
14 The Cameos - My Baby's Coming Home
15 Glenda Collins - Baby It Hurts
16 Glenda Collins - Lollipop
17 Flip And The Dateliners - My Johnny Doesn’t Come Around Anymore
18 Valerie Masters - Christmas Calling
19 Glenda Collins - Johnny Loves Me
20 Judy Cannon - The Very First Day I Met You
21 Glenda Collins - Thou Shalt Not Steal
22 The Honeycombs - Something I’ve Got To Tell You 
23 Diane And The Javelins - Heart And Soul
24 Glenda Collins - Something I’ve Got To Tell You 
25 Glenda Collins - It’s Hard To Believe It


Disc 2

1 Eve Boswell - Around The Corner
2 Yolanda - Don't Tell Me Not To Love You
3 Carol Jones - Cinderella Jones
4 Pat Reader - May Your Heart Stay Young Forever
5 Pat Reader - My Kind Of Love
6 Unknown - Say Baby
7 Unknown - Johnny Oh
8 Geri Harlow - Do The Strum
9 Geri Harlow - Mr Right
10 Billie Davis - Merry Go Round
11 Billie Davis - Don't You Knock On My Door
12 Billie Davis – It’s Goodbye Then
13 Billie Davis - Mr Right
14 Billie Davis – I Think I'm Falling In Love
15 Glenda Collins - I Feel So Good
16 Glenda Collins - In The First Place 
17 Glenda Collins - Nice Wasn't It 
18 Glenda Collins - Everybody's Gotta Fall In Love 
19 Jenny Moss - Big Boys
20 Jenny Moss - Please Let It Happen To Me (Alternate Version)
21 Jenny Moss - Keep Away From My Baby's Door
22 Jenny Moss - When My Boy Comes Marching Home Again
23 Jenny Moss - Every Little Kiss 
24 Kim Roberts - For Loving Me This Way
25 Kim Roberts - A Girl In the Crowd
26 Kim Roberts - Mr Right
27 Kim Roberts - Everytime
28 Kim Roberts - Love Can't Wait
29 The Cameos - High, Low And Lonesomely
30 The Cameos - Where E're You Walk
31 The Cameos - Only In Love
32 Pamela Blue - Hey There Stranger 


Disc 3

1 Gunilla Thorn - Go On Then
2 Gunilla Thorn - Blueberry Hill
3 Gunilla Thorn - Keep Away From My Baby's Door
4 Gunilla Thorn - Alright I'm In Love With You 
5 Gunilla Thorn - Come On
6 Gunilla Thorn - Who Started It
7 The Halos - When
8 The Halos - Don't Ever Change
9 Lea And Chess - Little Star (Shine On us Tonight)
10 Lea And Chess - A Long Time Ago
11 Valerie Masters - He Didn't Fool Me
12 The Sharades - Boy Trouble 
13 The Sharades - Aren't You Glad You're You
14 The Sharades - Loneliness
15 Flip & The Dateliners - Please Listen To Me
16 Flip & The Dateliners – Bye Bye Baby Bunting
17 Flip & The Dateliners - Mama Didn't Lie
18 Flip & The Dateliners - The Mod
19 Flip and The Dateliners - From Tomorrow
20 Flip (with Riot Squad) - It's Hard To Believe It
21 June Harris - Ma I Miss Your Apple Pie
22 June Harris - Remember Your Love Belongs To Me
23 Judy Cannon - Hello Heartache 
24 Glenda Collins - Been Invited To A Party
25 Glenda Collins - Paradise For Two 
26 Glenda Collins - My Heart Didn't Lie 
27 Glenda Collins - Don't Let It Rain On Sunday
28 Denise Scott and The Soundsmen - Your Love Keeps Me Going
29 Denise Scott and The Soundsmen - Love Me Tonight
30 Diane And The Javelins - Whose The Girl
31 Diane And The Javelins - Cry Baby

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