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This three piece powerhouse is Metal to the core but it’s not your average run-of-the-mill shouty vocals with guitar gymnastics: this stuff is intelligent and incredibly addictive. Hailing from San Diego, they are probably, actually, that most over-used word, unique, in that they don’t follow the rules but somehow make it all work, a combination of musicianship and ambition to deliver something new. Bonus: Live, they scramble your kidneys.



The Way We Are

The Way We Are.jpg

Five tracks that showcase what Quor are all about. Great riffs that will have you nodding your head in no time at all with little surprises along the way from all three heads of the Ghidorah of Brian Corn on guitar and vocals, Doug Smith on bass and vocals and John Michael Cordes on drums doing some highly original off-kilter fills. This beast also has a listenable vocal, some well-placed backing vocals, a mutual understanding of where the guitars and bass should be and a thundering production with an excellent mix.


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