13th November 2018

Q: These upcoming gigs are the second session you’ve done in Japan for UPP-tone this year. What’s the history behind them?

TD: We played in Japan as Empire Of Evil and then as Venom Inc. twice. On the second trip as Venom Inc., Hiromi and her husband came to all the shows as fans, took photos and got things signed. They were quite quiet but very generous people and then after that second trip, I received an email from Hiromi asking me if I would be interested in coming back and doing a series of bass clinics and maybe a jam session. They would get some people from Japanese bands and we’d play some Venom songs and I said ‘Yes! Of course!’ I love being in Japan and it sounded interesting and it grew from there. I selected a couple of musicians I thought would be nice to have there and play with and they chose a few as well. Now we’re doing it again with a whole host of new musicians and we’re doing a whole set with some cover versions and it’s growing into something quite special.

Q: I think it’s great. I’m really glad someone has taken the initiative on this and started to do things like this in Japan because it’s something that has been missing from the music business here. Kudos to UPP-tone for doing it and there’s lots of people coming onboard for it because we want to see it grow.

TD: Yes and I think that’s the thing; spreading the network rather than putting up some posters in local bars. I suggested Masa Itoh helping out and amazingly Hiromi came back and said he’s going to do something for us and I thought this is fucking brilliant! I know it’s difficult because it’s me and I’m not James Hetfield or Lemmy (laughs) and because it’s not a band as such but it’s an idea and it’s showing good signs.

Q: The first session you did was more of a bass clinic with a jam and you also did a DJ thing…

TD: We had this night club and they played all NWOBHM stuff and I got up to introduce and play the five songs I had picked. In the end, I’d done about twenty! They kept getting me to go back up and I was conducting the classics and everybody…a fantastic night and everybody wanted to do it all again so that’s why we are.

Q: Occasionally it’s good to throw fans a wild card right?

TD: That’s exactly it! They were watching going ‘Oh my God! This doesn’t normally happen!’  and they just loved it!

Q: So what can we expect this time around then apart from this amazing list of metal musicians at the two shows?

TD: Well there’s no rehearsing for a start. (laughs) That’s what we did last time and that’s the excitement. Some of the musicians from the last time I knew but I hadn’t played with any of them. We selected a list of songs, they went away and learnt them and the tuning and we met on stage! It’s as live and organic as it can be and that’s what we’re doing again. We’ve broadened the range on this one so for example we’re doing songs from Atomkraft, Motorhead, Saxon…I won’t give too much away (laughs). It’s not just Venom and I want to say, the reason I really want to do this is because it’s predominantly Japanese musicians as guests. They are incredible talents and so amazing and this is there foundation as well and if I do it, maybe we can get other musicians to come and do it.

Q: I’m sure you can and I’ll be there to do whatever I can.

TD: I know you will. really looking forward to it.

Q: Me too – see you in a few weeks!

TD: Cheers Glenn! 

トニー・ドーラン インタビュー




TD:僕は日本ではEmpire Of Evil としてとVenom Inc. としての二度、コンサートを行なった。Venom Inc. としての二度目の来日時にはヒロミと彼女のダンナさんが全公演を観に来てくれて、写真撮影やサポートをしてくれたんだ。彼女たち二人はとても大人しい人たちなんだけど、とても優しくて、二度目のツアーから戻った時にヒロミがメールをくれた。もう一度日本に来て、ベースのクリニックやジャムセッションをやる気はないか、ってね。日本のバンドからもメンバーを集めて、Venomの曲をやるよ、って言うんだ。だから僕は「もちろんやるとも!」って答えたんだ。日本は大好きだし、面白そうだったからね。そういうわけで僕が何人かこれにはまりそうなミュージシャンを選んだというわけさ。今度は全員新顔のミュージシャンでやろうと思っているんだ。カバー曲も数曲入れてね。絶対面白いものになるよ。